Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Invade with Brocade

Though not cheap http://www.brocadehome.com/ has some fabulous home decor and furniture. I came across this website when I was originally looking for a great guilded mirror. Most pieces are available in black or white, just the way I like it! Always very simple and sleek, feminine and pretty, brocade home would fit with any style of decor.

Here are a few items I love:

Laser Cut Ledge $99

Ribbon Quilt $199-$299

Laser Cut Rug $199-$499

Crystal Chandelier $599

Ruffle Edge Mirror High Gloss $699

Small Fleur Patter Wall Art $299

Pattern Bent Wood Chair High Gloss $199

Silhouette console table $499

Velvet Ottoman $1599

Photos courtesy of www.brocadehome.com


  1. Love your site!And more in love with this post & that mirror & the velvet ottoman! Come follow me too!

  2. Thanks so much!! I'll check your site out now