Monday, November 2, 2009

Nyc Trip-Forever 21 Madness!

I am back from New York! Usually I put aside about an hour and a half for my Forever 21 adventures, the precedure is quite methodical. First I walk around each section and collect my favorite items (clothing only), then I try those pieces on, after that I walk the room for shoes and accessories. Then I close my eyes and wait for the total, Ha!

Here is what I picked up this weekend:

Danielle Sweater Cardigan $29.80


Mineral Wash Pullover $19.80

Wool Blend Capsleeve Jacket $22.80

Stud Pocket Trim Top $14.80

There were a couple more items however I can't find them online.
Stay tuned...hopefully I can find the awesome Military Jacket I bought!

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