Friday, November 6, 2009

Pretty Plates

After working for Caban, Canada's Club Monaco Lifestyle store, I managed to collect a few pieces from Rosanna. Rosanna is a Seattle based tableware designer who is inspired by her travels worldwide.

All the pieces are quite feminine but always with a modern flare, great holiday gift for the upcoming season or if you're anything like me, just a treat for your own home. The packaging is just as gorgeous as the dishware, every set is stored in these beautiful hat box containers. Also, when you order a set of four, each piece is different from each other, four different designs while keeping the theme in tact. Pricing is pretty reasonable, buy online or call to find out where in your area Rosanna is selling.

Here are a few of her designs that I am looking to purchase:


La Patisserie
Medium Compote $50
Large Compote $60

Dessert Plates Set of 4 $50.00
Oval Platter $50.00

Soho Apartment
Dessert Plates Set of 4 on sale $44.00
Mugs Set of 4 on sale $32.00

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  2. Love! Great post! I love those plates. Wish I had more cabinet storage!