Friday, November 27, 2009

Victoria's Secret 2009

This year the Victoria Secret Fashion Show (airs on CBC December 1st) went for five themes with twelve outfits each (Star Trooper, All Aboard, Pink Planet, Enchanted Forest, and Romantic Journey)

Once again Heidi Klum walked the runway (twelfth show in a row) six weeks after giving birth to her fourth child!! Adriana Lima unfortunately did not make it this year as she gave birth a couple days before the show.
Here are a few of the best shots/outfits:

Gotta Love Heidi!

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  1. Great chocies of shots!! This show is like watching an art show, amazing! Can't wait to watch it when it airs....just a few more days!

  2. This is the best motivation to lose the Thanksgiving pounds! I'm sad Adriana Lima won't be in the show - she's my favorite.