Friday, December 4, 2009

Barbie by Christian Louboutin!!

I don't think there could be two better things wrapped up in one package.

Barbie (who doesn't love her?!) + Christian Louboutin!!!

Just released today, Limited edition 'Cat Burglar' Christian Louboutin Barbie.

Barbie comes with a designer style box, 4 pairs of mini Louboutin shoes (with duster bag and box), & a copy of Barbie and Christian's travel journal through Paris. This Barbie is based on her dream, she dreamt that she was a jewel thief scaling the rooftops in Paris, hence the catsuit.

What a perfect gift for any fashionista/barbie collector.

Go to net-a-porter $150.00

To see more pics of Barbie's Paris trip click here

Here she is:

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