Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brilliant Kitchen Tools from Moma!

I am always seeing great tools for the kitchen in magazines from the Moma Store.
Thought I would finally check it out myself...turns out they have amazing gadgets ands toys for every kitchen!
Makes a great gift for Dad or for foodies like me!
If you become a member you can have 10% off of everything! Not sure it's worth the $75.00 fee though...

Great for dishing out veggies or pasta...even for serving!

This is my fav!! How amazing and smart is this rolling pin!?

Measures both liquid and dry ingredients

The vibrating ball-capped rods generate more whipping action with less effort!

"Position this ingenious disc-shaped slicer on any apple and rotate to release perfect slices for snacking or cooking. Don't need a whole apple at once? Just leave the disc pressed against the fruit, and it will not dry out or turn brown." -moma store

Photos courtesy of www.momastore.com

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