Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Plant Shower

As you may already know... I LOVE smart, useful gadgets.
This watering "can" is perfect for small apartments, balconies and herb gardens.
I have to lug around this big pink watering can from plant to plant, splashing water all over the place.
This little bottle keeps your home dry and neat, it's also pretty! Not an eyesore like the typical cans.

The "BOCA's" pure, iconic tree-like form allows for two functions. Plants can be sprinkled by several fine streams coming from the shower. Alternatively, they can be watered by a single stream issuing from the spout. The decorative felt ring collects droplets of water left behind. Filled through the spout, BOCA holds about a liter of water.

Thanks to http://www.notcot.com/ for introducing me to this functional piece!

Photos courtesy of www.studiomacura.com

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