Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cook Till You Drop

Here in Toronto we have many options for eating, cooking and tasting.
At Nella Cucina (meaning "in the kitchen") you can take millions of different cooking classes whether you are a first time chef or a full on Susur Lee there is a class for you. You can arrange for corporate events, private one-on-one classes, classes for kids, or even couples!
They also have one of the best culinary stores around. Check out this new line of handy gadgets by Lekue (you know how much I LOOOOVE those!!)
Make sure to follow the Nella blog here for updates in classes and new products!

Decopen: Decorating Pen
$25.00 Includes Recipes and Two Nozzles

Silicone Sushi Mat $15.00

Stretch Top Food Storage Lids
Prices Vary Depending on Size and Package 

Cooking Mesh $24.50

Photos courtesy of  http://nella-cucina.blogspot.com/

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